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1988 Events
Enfield Classic Car Show - 28th/29th May 1988
Beaulieu Classic Car Show - 10th July 1988
Presidents Cup - Middle Wallop - 23rd October 1988
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"Little did I think that I would be writing a letter to Z members as a Chairman ever again. But it is marvellous to be amongst a club of enthusiasts, for the Z, once again. I would like to thank you all for making this possible for me".

Lynne Godber
Classic Z Register

On the 27th March 1988, The Classic Z Register was formed at Unit 11, at the Silverstone Race Circuit, situated between Towcester and Brackley, about 50 North-west of London, England.

After 5 hours of airing our views the format of the new club began to take shape. Essentially, we all felt that the new club should promote the classic value of the Â"S30Â" models.

In 1988 the motoring world accepted the 240Z as a classic car, but there was no club to support this view, until now.

To promote the classic angle, it was decided to start a register in which details of the S30 models could be held. Cars being eligible for the Register would be those upholding, as close as possible, DatsunÂ's original conception for the Z. Into the Register would go a current photograph of the Z, along with the following items;

* Owner
* Model
* Date of Purchase
* Registration
* Chassis Number
* Engine Number
* Colour
* Know History
* restoration details
* Modifications

this Register would then provide historical evidence on the Z, and hopefully this would go right back to its year of manufacture.



If you want to contact us, please email us
or call 07530 349639 and speak directly to the Chairman

To download an application Form, click here.