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1989 Events
Fourways - Kent - 23rd April 1989
NEC Classic Car Show - Birmingham - 29th/30th April/1st May 1989
William Galliers - 30th July 1989
London Classic Car Show - 1st October 1989
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AGM - 19th March 1989

Spike Anderson telephoned Lynne Godber to find out how many people were expected, and would he, therefore need to clean up!

He was advised to only expect the committee, however over 40 people turned up!

The Register at this time didn't have any money in the bank, so the AGM was held once agin in Spikes Workshop at Silverstone Race Circuit.

The club was ‘in the black' despitethe enormous cost of setting up a club and the membership was already at 88.

The Committee for 1989 was elected as follow; Lynne Godber - Chair, Kevin Cains - Competition Secretary, James Morris & Steven Sykes - Press Officers, Craig Anderson - Membership Secretary. Jon Newlyn Volunteered his services as a committee member, until he could establish his niche on the committee and take up a more specialised position.



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