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March - NEC Birmingham

First show of the year. The theme of the show was ‘Stars and Stripes'. Two great cars pulled in the crowds. Spike brough FFA and Tim Riley bought ‘BIG SAM'.

May - Enfield

The Register's aim was promote the racing Z at this show. we had ‘BIG SAM' and Kevin Bristows yellow and red ex Works rally car and Chris Duffy with his Samuri coverted to Welsh rally car! These were added to by James Morris and his highly original 240Z and Martin Curtis with his white ex-dplomatic 2 litre Fairlady 2+2.. Together with Steve Moremans Silver 240Z and Rob Chadwicks US 240Z, it was impressive show.


This was a brand new show, held over 2 days at North Weald Aerodrome, just 20 minutes from Enfield. 4 Zs were available for show, these were Rob Chadwicks US 240Z, Steve Moreman with his silver 240Z, Sean Dezart with his recently restored and very powerful and loud green and silver 240Z and Peter Trafford-Smiths Black 260Z. This was an excellent show and everybody was sad to see it end.


Uxbridge is a friendly show, with Rob and Lynne's 240Zs, Martin Curtis and Stuart Watton with their 2+2's and Peter's 260Z. It just so happened that there was an all female motorcycle stunt team and it just so happened that the femme fatale of this team owned a Z. She convinced us to get a few Z together to jump over. For safety they used two BMW's at the end. The first jump was fine, but the second jump damaged Peter's black 260Z, (not bad though).


November - NEC Birmingham

The show cars included an immaculate maroon 260Z 2+2 from Brian Stevenson, Rob Chadwicks US 240Z, BIG SAM, FFA and Peter Trafford Smiths black 260Z. A prize giving ceremony was to take place by ‘Classic Cars'. Lynne Godber and Peter Trafford-Smith went to the ceremony after entering the Register for ‘Best VenueÂ', for The Register part in organising the International Convention earlier in teh year. Malcolm McKay announced the winners and sure enough, The Register had won ‘Best Club event of the yearÂ' for the ‘up to 250 members class. A great achievement.


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