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Fred Schuster-Orth was the Honourary President of the German Z and ZX Club, he was the vision and one half of the organising force behind this memorable weekend, without him and Lynne Godber, it would not have happened. This is the week from his perspective.

Arrival Day - Saturday 17th August 1991

(Fred and Gila's journey started in the early hours of the 15th August)

We started out three Z caravan from Munich to Le Harve. Robert Simader's planning had made it simple to find our way and after an easy ride we arrived there at 16:00. In Le Harve we picked up Gudrun and Manfred Heldt and together we took the 23:00 ferry to Portsmouth, we arrived at 06:00 the next day.

We arrived at the Wite Hart in Andover, Hampshire at 08:00, early enough to momentarily confuse the Hotel Manager, but within moments we were served our first ‘English Breakfast'.

The day was spent visiting Winchesterand by the time we had returned, three of the Swiss contingent had arrived, and by the evening he rest of the Swiss team turned up.

Lynne was busy welcoming everybody on the Saturday, so we spent the day in the New Forest. We returned to find many more Zs had arrived, including Klaus Warnecke from Hamburg.

With the cars safely locked in the car park we chatted with people, who at the beginning of the day we strangers, and by the end of the day were friends.


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