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Open Bus tour of London - Monday 19th August 1991

This day was also organised by The Z Club of Great Britain. The sun was on our side with bright blue skies and few clouds.

Steve Burns organised a convoy to bring us, at 07:00! from Andover to London, once again, without losing a car! Beyond that he organised a parking lot for us at Herds Motor Group, a Nissan Dealership.

The London Open top bus was exclusively reserved for us. Sean Dezart, the ‘Driver' works as an inspector at the bus company and he is a member of the Z Club. He stopped wherever we wanted so we could take photos, he even stopped outside Hamleys so that some members could buy some Z toys!

Well, there is so much for a foreigner to see in London, I don't know where to begin. Just go and see it for yourself.

At 17:00 we were back at our Nissan dealership to pick up our Zs. Steve led us (again) through the ‘Turban Jungle', a district where people are primarily of Indian Ancestry live, through to their house. They were hosts for a typical English Barbecue (Well not typical, the weather was good!).

Later that night, much later, we eventually retired back at the White Hart in Andover.


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