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National Motor Museum - Tuesday 20th August 1991

South of the New Forest you find Beaulieu and nearby the National Motor Museum.

A visit to Beaulieu should be a family day because everyone is catered for. You have the car museum (of course) but also the ruins of the old Abbey, Montagu Manor and a model railway.

After a long day we left at 17:00. Jon, Bev and Peter wanted to show the Germans an old pirate's nest with a beautiful old harbour and the docks where Lord Nelson's ships were built. But when we arrived we were told that they close in 30 minutes, nonetheless it was £3 per person and £2 per car for the car parking.

So we learned the pirates are still among us!

We made our way back to Andover and our guides led into the sunset through the New Forest. It was a very romantic trip - the deep sun in the west, the playing of colours in the skies, ranging from Steely blue to deep and dark orange. Even the Dutch, who Jon and Bev picked up on our way back home, seemed to be impressed although they were very tired because they had just arrived in England to join the meeting.

After Dinner Dr. Ben Millspaugh introduced the American Z scene with many slides. We learned the Z scene is becoming more and more international.

On this evening the Z family grew more and more tired, which was proved by the fact that the videos offered by the Germans were watched by only two people. Lynne Godber and Ben Millspaugh. the rest of the family had a ‘pow wow' - at the hotel bar.


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