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Silverstone Circuit - Thursday 22nd August 1991

Finally, English Weather! That means sky opened its sluice gates. It was raining. Not a normal English drizzle but several voilent downpours!

But, to order, just before departure at 07:30 from Andover, it stopped. Lynne Godber could start the caravan with at least 24 Zs. On the motorway we made a good ‘average' as well as on the roads we took after Oxford junction.

Once agin, not one car got lost, a fact I am attributing to to two circumstances: the ‘Leader of the Pack' and the English ‘crossing system', the roundabouts. No traffic lights and signpost that can be interpreted by everyone.

We arrived at Silverstone and, after lining our Zs up in the pits, we had a briefing for all those who wanted to test their cars at the Formula 1 circuit. It was not a race, we were only to run some fast laps, no more, no less.

The circuit driving was eventful and some didn't adhere to the instructions, that said, no damage was sustained at the circuit, however one Z was totally wrecked on its way home from Silverstone. Ironically, the driver was behving himself and slid on wet leaves.

In the afternoon it was the Concours d'Elegence competition. The members of the Jury were:


Dr Ben Millspaugh Author
Peter Trafford-Smith

Classic Events Organiser - Classic Z Register

Steve Burns Liaison Officer and Editor - Z Club
Andy Haenngi President - Fairlady and Z Club, Schweize
Alan Spendlove Secretary - Z & ZX Club Holland
Fred Schuster-Orth Honorary President - Z & ZX Club Deutschland


The Concours Winners were as follows:


Class Reg Owner Country Engine Body Interior Total
Standard 240Z LYX856K James Morris GB 7 8 9 24
Modified 240Z AG92471 Albin Henseler Switzerland 10 8 8 26
Standard 260Z JTR95P Stuart Watton GB 7 7 9 23
Modified 260Z Z-111 Richard Calton GB 9 9 9 27
Standard 280ZX A-AR140 Robert Simader Germany 6 7 7 20
Modified 280ZX BL34 595 Claude Petitjean Switzerland 9 10 10 29
Standard 300ZX PH25LH Edwin Bello Holland 6 7 8 21
Modified 300ZX ZK52VJ Alan Spendlove Holland 7 9 8 24


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