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Goodwood Circuit - Friday 23rd August 1991

The convoy set off at 07:30, the weather was grey, with large billowing clouds and a strong wind. Ther was a promise of rain before the end of the day.

On arrival at Goodwood, it was clear thet the weather had not put off theEnglish owners, who were ther in full force, all ready and eager to have a go on Goodwood Circuit or, indeed, just to view the cars. Once again the Samuris were out in force with the race prepared cars, rally cars and modified cars with many dierivatives.

But today, Gary Hicks had bought the Old Woking works rally car, still in its original 1970s specifications. Listening to that car, with it crossflow head, takling Goodwood was a sound to behold.

The morning session was used for practice laps and driver instruction, passengers were allowed out but as most cars had a single seat that made it a little difficult.

Sprint racing was completed during lunch and just before the first deluge of rain, it was decided to postpone the racing. As the rain stoped the practice laps started to dry out the circuit.

Peter Trafford-Smith presented the class winners on behalf of the Register and Lynne Godber thanked everyone for supporting the International Week and offer thanks to the officers of both clubs for their work during the week.

It was then the sad duty to officially close the international meeting.

The circuit times were as follows:


Class Name Standing Lap Total Time
Standard 240Z John Hensley 1:56 3:45
Scott McCandle 1:59 3:53
Ray Edwards 2:05 4:05
Stuart Phillip 2:16 4:25
Paul Harper 2:22 Retired
Modified 240Z James Taylor 1:42 3:20
Gary Hicks 1:50 3:32
Kevin Irons 1:51 3:34
Kevin Bristow 1:53 3:38
Paul Newham 1:55 3:40
Paul Mitchel 1:59 3:51
Sean Dezart 2:03 3:50
Glen Stones 2:03 4:00
Adrin Rawlins 2:05 4:02
Fairlady Terry Low 2:14 4:19
Standard 260Z Martin Renew 1:55 3:46
Brian Dorkings 1:59 3:51
Tim Ford 2:15 4:23
Modified 260Z Colin Bellis 1:51 3:36
Alan Haynes 1:52 3:38
Andrew Onalaja 1:55 4:03
Adrian Hassan 1:59 3:51
Mark Rayner 2:02 3:59
Steve Hurkett 2:11 4:15
Standard 280ZX Rob Henshaw 2:06 4:04
John Wilkins 2:10 4:12
Pete Parmeter 2:19 4:10
Modified 280ZX Frank Marino 2:10 4:10


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