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Departure Day - Saturday 24th August 1991

The previous eveing saw us in mood that can only be described as ‘down'. Because slowly but surely it became clear; the International Z and ZX Meeting at Andover is over. There will not be another morning spent together. outgrown ‘he men' who normally just shake hands with apenetrating galnce are lying in each others arms, hugging each other and tarnished eyes, but sober as a judge.

They exist; those woman and men of the Porsche Clubs, the Ferrari Clubs, the Mercedes Clubs. They are members of a CAR club. The CAR matters and nothing else.

Then you have members of Z clubs around the world, they are friends; the car brought them together.

So whilst we are standing around and cannot think of the words to say, a little girl, called Zoe, who is completely beside herself said the right words;

"I don't want them to go..."



Lynne Godber
She was there for everyone from early in the morning till late at night. She organised this, unique meeting and made it an outstanding event. There is so much one has to say ‘Thank you' for.

And special thanks (in alphabetical order)

Spike Anderson
For bringing out ‘Super Sam' and sponsoring (and playing trumpet with) the Jazz Band.

Steve and Pauline Burns
Steve and Pauline organised Stoenhenge, the lunch at Doug's Coffee shop and the caves (Wokey Hole and Cheddar). They also organised the fantastic London bus tour and provisioned the whole crew in their garden for an outstanding BBQ. Steve was also busy at Silverstone as a gate marshall and as Judge at the concours competition.

Karen Christie and Jon Graves-Morris
of the White Hart at Andover. The responded to every wish we could articulate. Thanks for keeping the bar open till we decided and then back up at 6:00 the next morning. And thanks to all the staff at the White Hart.

Sean Dezart
Who gave us an unforgettable sightseeing tour of London.

Doug Maltby
Who led the Wells convoy securly over 50 miles and for organising a fast and good lunch in his small coffee shop.

John and Geoff
of Fourways Engineering. Although the rolling road was broken, so was Manfreds Alternator. We left with the Alternator fixed free of charge.

Tara Godber
For supporting at Silverstone and Goodwood.

Adrian Hassan
President of the Datsun Sports Owners Club Australia, for coming over and BBQueing at Steve and Pauline's home and being a member of the ‘court of judges' to the Concours at Silverstone

Dr Ben Millspaugh
For his information about the Z scene in America (Slide show), for signing books and for his competent judgement at the Silverstone Concours.

Bev, Jon and Zoe Newlyn
As guides, they did and outstanding job during the London Tour. On the way back from Beaulieu they picked up five Dutch Zs who wanted to join the party and lost their way, without hesitation the ‘flying dutchmen' had been integrated crossing the NEw forect to Andover. Jon also recorded the whole week on video and was busy as a gate marshall at Silverstone and Goodwood.

Peter Trafford-Smith
For the escort to Beaulieu, for the outstanding organisation at Silverstone.

Len Welch
For his silent background works (and sacrificing a Concours trophy on behalf of that.


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