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Concours at Blenheim Palace
(By Dweezil)

Me and Talura are going to Blenhiem Palace, and it is a grand place!  Talura and I arrived quite early and met up with the other members of the Z Register who were already there in our own private area in the grounds.

It was a real hot and sunny day and Talura suffers in the heat (I keep telling her to diet, but she growls at me and tells me there's no way she's going to eat unleaded!)  It turns out we were both entered into the concours competition, of course not in the same category, so that stopped a row!  After a while some more Zs turned up and lined up next to us.  Talura was chatted up by a rather handsome white 300ZX from Germany, so I went over and chatted up a pretty fetching Dutch Fairlady roadster.

I then realised I was getting fiddled with by two guys lifting my carpets and looking in all of my nooks and crannies and private places.  Turns out these guys are marking for the concours.  Talura gets the treatment too, but being a girls she enjoys the attention.  But I decide this is my last concours, no-one else gets to see my boxer shorts at such close quarters.

At the end of the day all the Register members gather at a table and the concours winners are announced.  The Fairlday roadster wins a prize, so does the 300ZX who chatted up Talura and guess what, so do I!  After all the trauma I've had to put with over the past few years I think I deserve it.  Poor Talura didn't win anything but she was magnanimous and congratulated me on my win "Best Standard 240Z).

Me and the other concours winners prize was to have a photo shoot on the front of the Palace.


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