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Autotest Day at Aspley
(By Brian Eyre)

The circuit was well thought out, big enough to give the Zs some stick, and tight enough to make it skilful.  Most people who attended had a go.

The first trip round was a little enthusiastic to say the least as Jon (Newlyn) nearly found out, as he was videoing the fine display of how to lose a 240 big time!

The Second run was a lot smoother and we actually got all the way round in a time of 1:08 mins.

As the day went on everybody was setting faster and faster times, inlcuding Mr Watton, who had a nasty habit of setting fastest times in other people's cars.  Strange don't you think?  Nothing to do with ignoring rev counters and valve bounce I'm sure...

The four seaters were all very competitive, eventually coming down to two cars, Stuart's and Roy Osborne's 260Z 2+2's, who were tied in a dead heat.  There was a run off which Stuart won by the skin of his teeth.  Roy ran 4 seconds quicker but crashed through the finish post and picked up a 5 sec penalty. making Stuart the winner by just one second.

Kevin Bristow showed us how to drive a 240Z in style making it all look so smooth and easy, setting a time of 1:02.

I tried again in my 240Z, this time asking Zoe Newlyn (10) to be my passenger setting a tome of 1:01.  Eventually I set a time of 1 minute dead with Alan as passenger, it was good enough to take the win.

A special thank you to Kevin's Uncle for the use of his land.  I think I can speak for everybody as we all had a great day out.


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