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Chairmans Ramble - Spring 1999

It's called 'Heritage Design', most of the rest of us have referred to it as 'Retro'. Looking through our biased window, it looks like the 240Z may have kicked this off, from a more balanced viewpoint there is still an argument that the original restored 240Z may well have kicked off this whole 'Retro', sorry 'Heritage Design' momentum. The other very interesting phenomenon is that Count Albrecht von Goertz appears to be fairly central to all of the fervour. The following extracts are from CAR magazine, March 1999.


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Chairmans Ramble - Winter 1998

One question that has arisen recently is that of famous Zs, more specifically, what makes them famous, is it the car? or is it the owner?

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Chairmans Ramble - Autumn 1998

Without wishing to turn this magazine into an extension of a BMW magazine, this maker makes the news this time for producing a car that is the derivative of a roadster, something normally done the other way round. BMW have produced an M coupe, based on the Z3 and, whilst the lines are not classic, it does provoke an emotion and from some angles looks very chunky. What has this got to do with Zs I hear you ask?


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Chairmans Ramble - Summer 1998

Wow! I never thought I would ever be writing an article in this column, I don't why, because somebody has to do it, but this column has always been synonymous with. It feels very strange.

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