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Chairmans Ramble - Summer 1998

Wow! I never thought I would ever be writing an article in this column, I don't why, because somebody has to do it, but this column has always been synonymous with. It feels very strange.

Thank yous are due however, primarily to Lynne, for providing a good condition, low mileage, well cared for, one lady owner, Classic Z Register, to all who responded to the nomination forms, within those were good suggestions which we will endeavour to instigate.

I was staggered that nobody put forward an alternative Chairman, everybody appears happy with the selection.

Part of my philosophy is to make sure the we enjoy what we do. I'm sure we all get enough polo tics and issues in our work life. Hobbies, clubs and interests are there for us to wind down and enjoy. For a lot of us work gets in the way because there's either too much of it (in my case) or not enough of it (which means you haven't got the spare cash to enjoy your hobbies). That is why I want people to do less. The secretaries job was enjoyable but it was a lot of work, and like anything else, too much of a good thing is bad. Ibhave split the duties of the secretary with New Members and Renewals, two different duties, meaning two people doing the work of one, each one doing less.

Also I believe there are no perfect people in this world, but everybody has great strengths, in different fields. For those of you who know me, I'm not good at getting things done on time and Intend to over commit, but I am a diplomat and feel I can encourage and inspire people, I also have an unwavering philosophy, which I hope will hold the Register in good stead.

I have tried to utilize everybodys strength within the committee. A new Members Secretary requires someone with great empathy, I was nervous when I first called the Z Club, the person at the other end of the phone dictated whether I joined or not. I joined. I wanted someone who would make the caller feel welcome and not frighten them off by possibly pressurising them to join. Graham Illsley fits that bill perfectly, I can't think of anyone who doesn't get on my Graham, and that is his strength.

Holding the purse strings requires a special person and Jeanette Edney has agreed to take on the role, she is already on my case!

For knowledge of the Z's we have two of the most knowledgeable people I am aware of in the shape of Richard Wardle and Ken Bartlett. These guys are on hand for information abduct Zs, their information is valuable. The uninitiated would take three days to piece together the internal workings of the door handle, or five minutes of Dick and Kens time. This is a valuable commodity, use it wisely.

I believe we have had the best organized and attended shows in the past 2 years, this has been due to Karen France and her organisational skills, with one exception, a p?&$ in a brewery! (in joke).

Rob Beddington has agreed to continue to be our PR man, sometimes a thankless task because a 100% effort can still mean no effect if the magazines don't want to use it. The strength seen in Alan Thomas is his knowledge of Zs and his connections with Japan, so to leverage that (as they say in Corporate Speak) Alan has agreed to become our Japanese Correspondent, with the freedom to build that role into whatever he wants it to be.

Stuart Watton and I go back a long way, his love for anything Japanese is the same as mine, he wanted to something for The Register and agreed to become our Federation Officer. This role is the conduit between The Register and all other Japanese Clubs. I imagine this role will initially be for co-ordinating Billing.

Alan Edney, for those of you who know him know his specific strengths; his enthusiasm and keen eye for a deal. He will do the negotiation for advertising and will search out good deals for Register members.

We have an open position for an Internet Officer. We need someone who has access to the Internet, has some experience and a greatvdeal of interest in creating web pages. This is very important for The Register to get on-line. Is there anyone out there?

Let me move on to the membership fees, (hmmm you say). Well we have been able to hold fees for the last 4 years but pressure gets to us all, we have had to increase the fees. Oops, I'm sorry, did I say increase, I meant to say leave the fees at the same rate, yes that's right leave the fees at £20. However, there is a small condition. You need to move to a standing order.

The joining fee is now £25, this does mean that if you renew within 3 months of your renewal date you will have to rejoin at the joining fee rate. Renewals will be £22, irrespective as to whether it is a joint membership or a single membership. I want to encourage 'other halves' (male or female) to join the club, so why should we charge extra for it. However, if you pay by standing order your renewals will only be £20. This has two benefits; it reduces the workload on the secretary and ensures you renew without delay and not suffer a £5 additional cost. We are all very busy, do you really need to remember to renew your Register Membership too?

One of our members asked whether we could accept credit card payments, but after enquiries the cost of this is prohibitive to such a small club. (Our turnover is less than £15k per annum).

Finally , on to awards. once a year we have awards that are chosen at the AGM. the first one is the Roy lees Trophy, Roy was the ideal member, he would drive over from the Channel islands, partake in any activity going, was never on an ego trip, he just enjoyed being around Zs and Z members. This is the spirit in which the trophy is awarded and this year it is awarded to Carl Russell, for his unsolicited design and offering of the new register Logo, an intelligent update to our existing badge. It is his keenness to help the club which has won him the ward, well done Carl.

The Enterprise Award is for most enterprising member. This award goes to Karen France, for moving our shows from an ad-hoc event, to a well oiled and organised event listing throughout the year. We have been well represented and all the shows, indoor or outdoor and everybody has always known what they are doing. Well done Karen. (Don't mention the Brewery).

There were no nominations for the competition cup, so it was not awarded.

The Eddie Miller Cup has been issued as a mark of respect for the lat Eddie Miller. he is best remembered for putting together the best organised meetings. Attention to detail was his motto and no detail was ever left out. This was impressed on Lynne when she took over as Chairman. It was felt this was the best way to remember him. The award goes to Jeanette Edney for her excellent organisation of the Fairladys night last August at Knebworth. Everybody knew what they were doing and where they were going, the meal was excellent and the night/weekend was a blast, all thanks to Jeanette, well done. This year will be at Knebworth again, it will be great again, I know.

I think that's about enough from me. I am happy to be the spokesperson for the Register, but I have to be surrounded by quality people in order for the Register to provide a quality service. But keep this mind, don't think what the Register can do for you, think what you can do for the Register, we are only as good as teh sum of our parts.



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