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Chairmans Ramble - Winter 1998

One question that has arisen recently is that of famous Zs, more specifically, what makes them famous, is it the car? or is it the owner?

If you take Zep for instance, without his owner, Lynne Godber, I'm sure Zep would be have been a very clean original, early Z, but HPE109K is legendary, because of the owner. However, the success chalked up by FFA surely made the Samuri name famous, now we have a situation that work done by Samuri (under Kevin Irons) carries a level of credibility with it because of the results that FFA and Big Sam achieved.

I believe that MBP72J helped make me well known, before I bought MBP I had an early 240Z, stripped, ready for rebuild, that in itself was famous for winning the Granite City Rally in Scotland in 1972, hence my desire to get the car back on the road. but with the arrival of MBP, there was so much baggage, I mean so much archive material about this car that I, as the new owner, was thrust into the limelight.

There can be other debates, which is more famous, Richard Wardle or Dweezil? Tulura or the Suspicious Chick? Alan Thomas or the ZG?

The reason this thought came to me was the ‘Classics' (Nov ‘98) magazine test on an MGC (Sorry Richard) , a TVR Tuscan and a 260Z, owned by Rob Hughes. Now of course the Z romps home as the winner, the final paragraph summing it up best:

"Depending on your priorities you might reach a different conclusion about the winner. But I fell in love with the 260Z. For me, it combined the best elements of the MGC - its relaxed cruising, reliability and solidity - then blended with much of the TVRs raw driving appeal, to come up with a winning package."

Now, it may be because Rob Hughes is a Z Club member, not a Register member, I don't know him and haven't seen him enough to associate him with that car, but XUL27T was, and always will be Len Welch's Z. Len sold it to Rob so that he could work on his next project, but whenever I see XUL, I see Len.


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