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Chairmans Ramble - Summer 1999

I would love to give ALL of my committee awards for the hard work and dedication they put in in front of, and behind the scenes, to make sure events happen. They DO work hard and The Register wouldn't have the image it has without them, so next time you see a committee member, just go up to them and thank them for their effort, you will be amazed how much it drives us on to do the next event.

It happened to me in July with a letter from John Jackson who was renewing his membership, he updated us on the status of his Z, apologised for not getting to many meetings and finished up with a one liner to "pass on to yourself and the team my congratulations on a continuing fine magazine - I always enjoy it!" That had me fired up for ages, thank you John.

But I don't just want to hear the good stuff, I want to hear everything, good and bad, don't forget we learn more from our mistakes than our successes.

I heard some worrying news about what the Eurocrats might be planning to rid the world (well Europe) of all our horrible, smelly, dirty old cars. To stop old cars being rebuilt and try to force us to continually buy new cars, they are thinking about registering dismantlers, so if you are not registered you cannot take a car apart and put it back together.

Now, I can understand that an absolute minority of people take on a project and end up with a badly built and dangerous vehicle, I also realise that we must stop ringers, who routinely weld together cars for deceit, but to stop the majority of true enthusiasts who are able to rebuild and restore a car to a condition that not even the manufacturers could get close to, and get it to run cleaner than it was ever designed to, far cleaner than the majority of unserviced 5 year old cars is nothing short of criminal. If this does look like happening, rest assured that The Register will do all we can to enable us to enjoy what we do. What we do is more GREEN than anything car manufacturers or politicians have ever done for Goodness sake!

I had a recent chat with Stuart Donetta of Perth, Australia, he has three Zs whose combined chassis no's (522) are less than the first official start number for the UK (900). He has Chassis # 99, 117 and 306, the latter 2 are for sale, and bear in mind, they are already RHD.

However, even Stuart doesn't get it all his own way. Recently he had the chance of buying chassis number, wait for it.... 240, but it was already sold.

Still, he has the next best thing, the license plate of #117 is "24T-Z". Good eh?


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