Classification of Models

Chassis No = xxx S30 XXX

Below is the classification of the prefix

EngineChassis TypeSteering
H = L24Blank = 2 StrBlank = RHD
R = L28G = 2+2L = LHD
H = L28

Below is the classification of the suffix

Blank = ManualU = RHDQ = Europe
A = AutoM = Australia

Although each chassis designation contains a suffix, these do not appear on the car.

The Classification

HS30U240Z2393cc2 SeaterFS5C71ANon EuropeManual
HS30AU240Z2393cc2 Seater3N71A/BNon EuropeAuto
HS30Q240Z2393cc2 SeaterFS5C71AEuropeManual
HS30AQ240Z2393cc2 Seater3N71A/BEuropeAuto
RS30U260Z2565cc2 SeaterFS5C71BNon EuropeManual
RS30AU260Z2565cc2 Seater3N71A/BNon EuropeAuto
RS30Q260Z2565cc2 SeaterFS5C71BEuropeManual
RS30AQ260Z2565cc2 Seater3N71A/BEuropeAuto
RS30M260Z2565cc2 SeaterFS5C71BNon EuropeManual
RS30AM260Z2565cc2 Seater3N71A/BNon EuropeAuto
GRS30U260Z2565cc2+2FS5C71BNon EuropeManual
GRS30AU260Z2565cc2+23N71A/BNon EuropeAuto
GRS30AM260Z2565cc2+23N71A/BNon EuropeAuto

Gearbox Classification

F = Type of Control

F = Floor (Direct)
R = Remote
S = Transmission Style

S = Special Overdrive Top Gear

_(No Letter) = Direct Drive Top Gear

5 = Number of forward Gears

3 = 3-Speed

4 = 4-Speed

5 = 5-Speed

C = Drive / Synchro type

F = Front Wheel Drive (Not used in 240Z)
R = Rear Wheel Drive (Not used in 240Z)
W = Warner Type Brass Synchros
C = <<Competition>> Steel Porsche Style Servo Synchros

71 = Gear-pair center-to-center spacing in mm

Two numbers, indicating distance between mainshaft and countershaft in mm

A = Model Version Suffix, Alphabetical

A = First Generation Design <<A-Type>>

B = Second Generation Design <<B-Type>>

C = Third Generation Design <<C-Type>> (Not used in 240Z)