On March 27th 1988, "THE CLASSIC Z REGISTER" was formed, it's aim being to encourage members to restore/rebuild their Zs in keeping with it's period character. The club has a register, and into this book goes a photograph of a members Z(s) along with all the cars known history. A valuable record of a classic Z.

We primarily cater for the S30 models only, they are referred to as such because the Chassis Nos have S30 in the format.

For Example HS30 101547.

  • The 280ZX is referred to as the S130
  • The 300ZX - Z30,
  • The facelift model - Z31
  • The Twin Turbo - Z32
  • The 350Z - Z33
  • The 370Z - Z34.
  • Founders

Lynne Godber founded "THE CLASSIC Z REGISTER" along with five other members in Unit 11 at the Silverstone cicuit in Northampton, England.  Lynne is now President of The Register.


The Datsun 240Z was a successful rally car and won the Safari Rally in 1971 and 1973.  It is still widley used in historic rallying and is highly successful

The 240Z is also a highly successful circuit racer and many be seen in historic classis world-wide today.

The car was called The Fairlady in the home market and at launch was only available with a 2-litre engine in Japan to get round the tax ruling. The 240Z cost the same as the GT6 when it was launched.


Our successes have included "THE ENTERPRISE AWARD", presented to Lynne at the NEC in December '90 by Malcolm McKay of Classic Cars, for exceptional achievement by an individual for their club. For 1991, The Classic Z Register won the Classic Cars award (under 250 members class) at the NEC for "CLUB EVENT OF THE YEAR" for our part as hosts in the international week, celebrating 20 years of the Z being on sale in Europe.


"THE CLASSIC Z REGISTER" has a number of partnerships with like minded clubs from around the world.

Our primary alliance is with the S30 Club of Japan 




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