Classic Z Register Philosophy

The Register exists for owners of Datsun 240Zs, 260Zs and 280Zs between 1969 and 1978/9, who are committed to restoring and maintaining their Z's, so promoting the classic status of these beautiful cars.

The Register has a computer database with details of members Z's and is equipped to give members all the expert advice on the restoration of your Z.

The Register’s aim is to preserve the cars, the marque, and to assist you.

With a handful of enthusiastic supporters, the Classic Z Register was launched and has continued to grow in membership over the years. Lynne Godber was the Chairman of the Register for 10 years, she is currently the President.

Over the years, the Register was gratified to see the general standard of the Z's rising as members lovingly restored their cars.

There were problems and prejudices trying to get the Z accepted as a classic, then slowly but surely the motoring press began to link the word "Classic" to the Z, especially when reflecting on the original models.

Could the Japanese have produced their first classic model?

These articles were serious, the Z had been (and is) amassing many victories in the world of racing right from its first year of production; including 2 outright victories in the East African Safari Rally. Zs have successfully raced in the USA and, indeed, the Z held the land speed record for its class.

All this success led the press to make the following comment, which is still remembered (and used) today: -

"The Z was what the next generation of Austin Healey 3000s should have been"

Zs were imported into the UK in small numbers, and over the years these few numbers have been drastically reduced. This realisation, along with the Z's recognised classic status, led some members to feel that there was a definite need to actively promote the classic status of the original design via a club catering exclusively for 240, 260 and 280Zs, hence the formation of The Classic Z Register.

Our most active membership is in the UK, so to reach fellow enthusiasts worldwide, we needed a common medium.

This is it. This Web Page will be gradually built so that, whoever you are, wherever you are, you will be able to enjoy these great cars.

The British Motoring press now respects and regard the car as.


For the future, we are compiling a worldwide register and log of ALL the Z's ever built!

To this end, we need as much information on your Z(s) and others you know of.

This exercise will take a number of years to complete (if ever!) but, in the end, will provide an invaluable base of information to help immortalise the world’s best selling sports car.

We wish you many years of enjoying Zs with the Register