Normal service will resume shortly

Bothy RebuiltThe good news, we are back in our Bothy! It has been rebuilt, reconnected and re-furnitured and I for one am glad to be out of the house, running a business for 6 months in half a dining room has not been easy and with every non-working moment clearing and cut wood, (approximately 12 tons, some 134 hours) we are pleased to see that the end is in sight. (But probably not until the end of 2014)

We have desperately missed the shows, Donnington, Bromley etc but the Z hasn’t moved until mid July when it was rolled out for an MOT.

Apologies for being ‘off the radar’ and although we still have masses to do to get straight we can see an end to the disruption.

Apologies also for the Summer edition being late, there was nowhere to do it.

Thank you for all your kind words and offers of help but the biggest thanks must go to Sandy, for putting up with Dave and me disrupting the entire house.

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