Analogue or Digital

I always enjoy reading Jay Lenos article in OCTANE, he may richer than all of us put together but he’s still a petrolhead at heart.

He was friends with Robert White, English eclectic collector of watches, cameras and Brough Superior Motorcycles. Sadly Robert was struck down with cancer and he decided to sell his collection in order to build a cancer wing at the Dorset County Hospital.

Because he had spent his life amassing his collection he didn’t want it to be then split up upon it’s sale.

Jay stepped in and offered to buy his complete collection of Brough Superior Motorcycles and is now building a special room called the “Robert White Collection”.

He goes on to say “We were great friends, though we never really had a lot in common, other than how we felt about motor vehicles, the history of them and what it was like to drive them”

“I think all of us apsire to, those of us who collect. You know, we don’t really own any of these things, we’re just caretakers and we have them for 20 or 30 years”

That is so true, I feel a sense of responsibility about MBP, that it is not really mine, I’m just the custodian of it and, as part of that you feel responsisbile to keep it as is.

Yet things wear out, improvements come along and the temptation is to keep trying to improve the car, no so much what we did as teenagers, fitting the Carlos Fandango wheels and cruising lights in the grille! More improvement for improvements sake.

One such dilemma was the recent misfire I had with MBP, finally tracking it to a worn out bearing on the spindle of the distributor, there was too much lateral movement to provide a consitent gap.

When you think that this spindle has rotated some 65 million times it’s hardly surprising that I was expriencing a little points bounce.

But the issue is, do I move away from the good ‘ol points to something that has no moving parts? I mean there is a certain pride in setting up your points on a Saturday morning.

But I bit the bullet and opted for electronic Ignition. I bought a Petronix solution off Ebay after asking a few guys in the states, it seems this is one product they swore by, not at!

It took all of 20 minutes to fit and after Mr Hunter re-timed it for me I now have a Z that has never gone so well in the 28 years I have been custodian.

The best aspect is that no wires are cut so I can go back to points whenever I want or need to. That helps me get over my dilemma.

So what about my indicators? The right one flashes OK , the left is slower, but they both speed up as the revs rise. Another bullet was bitten and I have fitted an electonic flasher unit with a digital clicker than sounds like a mechanical ‘click’. Again I can roll it back to the OEM equipment if I so wish. But the satisfaction of a stable indicator flash is something to behold!

So what’s next?

LED bulbs will help fix the overburdened fuse box and give brighter lights that are safer in a number of ways.

Less wattage/amperage through the wiring system reducing the danger of burn outs.

Brighter dashboard lights so you can actually see the guages at night.

Brighter exteriior lights so you can see better going forward and the guy behind you might see you braking and avoid hitting a panel that can no longer be sought.

What a Dilemma!


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