Preview Purchase Scheme

Help to buy the 'right' S30 for you

The Preview Purchase Scheme

Once upon a time, a certain member (it was the Chairman actually) bought a Lotus Elan 130 /S4.  He excitedly drove it to his first meeting (it broke down on the way of course).

When he arrived the other members took the opportunity to look over the car.  He was heartbroken when they said, "I wouldn't have bought that one".

From that day forward we vowed to stop new members suffering the same heartbreaking moment by offering to view a Z with you.

All we ask is to be flexible about availability as we have day jobs and agree to pay for any subsistence.  In return, we'll cast an eye over the prospective purchase and advise you to 'walk away' or 'bite their arm off'.

Complete the form below and we'll (try) find a member close by who is willing to take a look with you.

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