Sourcing Parts and Service

Sometimes parts can be hard to find, so when we hear of items available we'll list them here

ElectricalH&H Ignition SolutionsProductover 15 years experience. Servicing British, European & Japanese ignition distributors from Bosch, Lucas, Delco, Magneti, Marrelli, Ducellier, Motorcraft & many more.LINK
ElectricalZclocksProduct“Zclocks”, the analog quartz clock repair source for 240z, 280z, and 280zx. All clocks are OEM Datsun Z clocks that have the mechanical mechanism removed and replaced with an accurate/reliable quartz movement (unless otherwise noted). Rally clocks are refurbished to OEM standard, no quartz conversion.LINK
ElectricalBurghfieldServiceWe repair, recondition and sell Starter motors, Alternators and some Dynamos for various models of cars, light commercials, plant, and marine applications built in the last 50 or so years. LINK
ExteriorZ StoreProductDecal: Paint Code, 70-75* 240Z-260Z-280Z. Sticks on the radiator crossmemberLINK
ExteriorHarringtonProductPlease note that our bumpers fit Datsun 240Z/260Z US version up to 1972 and Japanese and European version up to 1978.LINK
EngineThread Doctor ServicesService mobile service which can repair stripped threads, drill out broken off studs and bolts,LINK

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