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What type of engines does the S30 have?Certain models for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) have a 2000cc engine. 240Z models have 2400cc engines. 260Z models have 2600cc engine. 280Z models have 2800cc engines. All are single overhead cam, straight six engines with twin carburettors, Hitach SU on 240Zs and Hitach 'Flat-top' SU on 260Zs. 280Zs have fuel injection.Jon Newlyn
What's the difference between the Su carbs?240z carbs AKA Round Tops: Made by Hitachi, they were a Jap licensed copy of British SUs. They came in 3 and 4 screw variations, which refers to the number of screws holding down the dome. They are good carbs and are easy to tune and work on. 260z carbs AKA Flat Tops: Also made by Hitachi, they were still based on the British SU but were much more modified to pass emissions regulations. 260z carbs are known for being difficult to work on, poor for performance and generally ugly. It is a very common practice for Z owners to replace them with British SUs or 240z Hitachi SUs.Jon Newlyn
What what the power output as standard?240Z : Power: 151 hp (113 kW) at 5,600 rpm (SAE gross) - Torque: 146 lbf·ft (198 N·m) at 4,400 rpm (SAE gross). 260Z : Power: 162 hp (121 kW) at 5,600 rpm - Torque: 157 ft·lbf (213 N·m) at 4,400 rpm. 280Z : Power: 170 hp (127 kW) at 5,600 rpm - Torque: 163 ft·lbf (221 N·m) at 4,400 rpmJon Newlyn
Refill CapacitiesENGINE OIL (including Filter) = 5.0 Litres (8.7 Imp. pints) (10.6 US. Pints) - WATER = 9.5 Litres (2.1 Imp. Gallons) (2.5 US. Gallons) - FUEL TANK = 60 Litres (13.1 Imp. Gallons) (15.9 US. Gallons) - Gearbox Oil = 1.5 Litres (0.3 Imp. Gallon) (0.4 US. Gallon) - Differential Oil = 1 Litre (0.22 Imp. Gallon) (0.26 US. Gallons)Jon Newlyn
What Gearboxes are available?F4W71A - 4 Speed Manual - 3N71A - 3 Speed Auto - F5WC71A - 5 Speed Manual - F4W71B - 4 Speed Manual - 3N71B - £ Speed Auto - FS5C71B - 5 Speed Manual.Jon Newlyn
BrakesThe braking system is hydraulically operated with a mechanical cable and rod operated handbrake. - The front brakes are disc type and the rear brakes are leading/trailing drum type with aluminium finned drums. - The braking system incorporates a tandem type master cylinder with a dual-line system and a brake warning light. - A vacuum servo is fitted. - The rear drum brakes incorporate an auto-adjust mechanism which is actuated by the use of the handbrake.Jon Newlyn
Carb Technical DataManufacturer = Hitachi - Type = HJG 46W-3A - Type = (EEC) HJG 46W or HJL 46W Construction = Side-draft SU type - Bore = 46mm - Venturi = 34mm - Float Level = 23mm - Needle Valve = Diameter 2.0mm - Nozzle = A - Jet Needle = N-27 - Suction Spring = No. 23Jon Newlyn
In which order should I tighten the bolts on the cylinder head?Before fitting the head make sure the following precautions are observed. - Make sure that the valves will not hit the tops of the pistons. - Do not rotate the crankshaft and camshaft separately. - Have the crankshaft and camshaft keys pointing upwards. Tighten the cylinder heads bolts in two stages. Tighten to 32.5 lb.ft, then 47 lb.ft. Tighten from the middle of the head in an outward fashion. Richard Wardle
What should the oil pressure be?At Idling the Oil Pressure should be 14-17psi - Hot at 2,000 rpm - 50 - 57psiJon Newlyn
Torque Settings Front AxleBrake disc to hub bolt = 28-38 lb.ft - Brake tube installation nut = 11-13 lb.ft - Wheel bearing nut = 18-22 lb.ft - Disc brake caliper bolt = 53-73 lb.ft - Baffle plate screw = 2.3lb.ft-3.2lb.ftJon Newlyn
Torque Settings Strut AssemblyGland Packing = 43-47 lb.ft - Piston rod self-locking nut = 54-69 lb.ft - Top mounting nuts to body = 18-25 lb.ftJon Newlyn
Torque Setting Transverse Link and Ball JointKnuckle arm to strut = 53-72 lb.ft - Ball joint castle nut = 40-54 lb.ft - Transverse link to ball joint = 35-46 lb.ft - Transverse link mounting bolt = 80-94 lb.ftJon Newlyn
Torque Setting Compression RodLink side attachment = 36-45 lb.ft - Body side attachment = 33-40 lb.ftJon Newlyn
Torque Setting Stabiliser BarConnecting rod and transverse link installation nut = 14-19 lb.ft - Connecting rod and stabiliser bar installation nut = 9-20 lb.ft - Stabiliser bar to body bolt = 14-18 lb.ftJon Newlyn
Torque Setting Suspension MemberBody side = 29-36 lb.ft - Engine mounting bolt = 12-19 lb.ft - Steering mounting bolt = 16-22 lb.ft - Side rod socket and knuckle arm = 40-54 lb.ft - Hub nut = 62-65 lb.fJon Newlyn