Membership has its benefits

Classic Z Register Membership Levels

What is "Verified Membership"?

It's exactly that, it verifies that a new member is a legitimate person, not an attempt to log in as spam and something more sinister.

By using Paypal, which you are already verified by, we can simply use Paypals' authentication to authenticate you.

The cost is a nominal £1 and, if you would like your £1 returned, just complete the form on the other side.

Why Pay for Online Membership?

Payment is required for online membership because the information we are storing is potentially valuable and we want to protect it in two ways.

Through Technology, monitoring the website status, updating the core technology and extensions, daily backups of the site and, finally scanning for Malware intrusion and blacklisting

Through Auditing, by having registered people who have paid via a verified payment gateway we protect ourselves from unwarranted access.

What is the benefit of Full Membership?

This is the level of membership that has been in existence from 'day one'.  Full members get a full colour, printed A4 magazine, delivered to their house once a quarter.

They are also invited to any and every show that is organised by The Classic Z Register, sometimes entry to those shows are paid for by "The Register"

We do, however, have many members from around the world who are happy to receive the magazine for their £20.

Conditions of Membership

The ethos of the Register and therefore the ethos we expect of our members is simple.

Be polite to other members - Be enthusiastic - Be helpful to other members

Don't forget that you represent the Register whenever you meet in public, press or online, your attitude reflects the Register's attitude.

To ensure the data is kept safe is worth the cost of a coffee once a year