On March 27th, 1988, "THE CLASSIC Z REGISTER" was formed, it aims to encourage members to restore/rebuild their Zs in keeping with its period character.

Lynne Godber founded the club along with five other members in Unit 11 at the Silverstone circuit in Northampton, England.  Lynne is now Life President of The Register.

The club has a register along with the cars known history.  A valuable record of a classic Z.

We primarily cater to the S30 models only, they are referred to as such because the Chassis Nos have S30 in the format.

For Example

HS30 101547.

Lynne Godber 01
Lynne Godger pushing a z


The Datsun 240Z was a successful rally car and won the Safari Rally in 1971 and 1973. It is still widely used in historic rallying and is highly successful

The 240Z is also a highly successful circuit racer and many are seen in historic class racing worldwide today.

The car was called The Fairlady in the home market and at launch was only available with a 2-litre engine in Japan to get round the tax ruling. The 240Z cost the same as the GT6 when it was launched.


Our successes have included "THE ENTERPRISE AWARD", presented to Lynne at the NEC in December '90 by Malcolm McKay of Classic Cars, for exceptional achievement by an individual for their club.

For 1991, The Classic Z Register won the Classic Cars award (under 250 members class) at the NEC for "CLUB EVENT OF THE YEAR" for our part as hosts in the international week, celebrating 20 years of the Z being on sale in Europe.


"THE CLASSIC Z REGISTER" has a number of partnerships with like-minded clubs from the UK, Europe and from around the world.

Why do we only focus on the S30 model?

Like so many other models that have enjoyed a long production period and, the Z has enjoyed the longest, being the best selling sports coupe in the world.  Each model addressed a market that had changed from the previous period.

The fact that it has been successful for so long means that each model was the right model for that period.

But they were different cars and, therefore they attract different enthusiasts

The complete Z Range

The Z range is one of the longest-running sports car range that was only stopped between 1996 and 2002



A major re-design that addressed some of the shortcomings, (Noise, Vibration, harshness) and introduced some cost-saving (rear suspension from the saloon) and a major push upmarket toward the luxury sector.

Some models were so we specced that there wasn't an option list.

The 1980s was all about young, upwardly mobile people




The Z31 chassis designation was first introduced in 1983 as a 1984 Nissan/Datsun 300ZX.

It was powered by Japan's first mass-produced V6 engine instead of the inline 6 of the previous Z-cars.

It also featured a turbo model as well.  It was heavier and more expensive than the 280ZX it replaced and was much more of a GT than a sports car.


300ZX TT


The Z32 was a new design, the body was wider with a rounder profile and fewer hard edges.

The engine was the same size but now had variable valve timing and twin-turbochargers producing 300BHP.

The performance was a major step up, as was the price and a Z now cost close to a Porsche.

The 1990s were all about high tech.




The 350Z is a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, two-door, two-seat sports car.

The vehicle has the long-hood short-deck design common to the Z-Car family.

The external design featured a sloping fastback style arched roofline, unique brushed aluminium door handles, high waistline, and bulging fenders that are pushed out to the corners of the vehicle.

Inside, the main gauge pod is mounted directly to the steering column allowing their movement to coincide with steering wheel adjustments.

Additional gauges are mounted in a center triple gauge cluster like the 240Z.




Although it looks similar, almost every piece and component of the 370Z has been redesigned from the previous 350Z model.

It was shorter but wider, lighter but more powerful. It now had a 3.7 litre V6, normally aspirated engine, with output between 320 and 355 BHP depending on the model.

It is the longest-serving model but annual sales in America were equivalent to the monthly sales of a 240Z in the early 70s.

The NISMO version has kept the model alive but it now suffers as the bridesmaid as the GTR is now the halo model for Nissan.