Classic Z Register Constitution

  • The club is to be known as “The Classic Z Register” - hereinafter referred to as “The Register”.
  • The Register exists to promote and enhance the classic status, to preserve in line with the original concept and period character, and to promote through MotorSport, the Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z and Fairlady models up to 1978
  • Membership of The Register is open to owners and enthusiasts of the aforesaid vehicles.
  • The affairs of The Register will be controlled on a daily basis by a committee. Committee members will be elected to office on a one member, one vote basis. At the Annual General Meeting, all committee members will stand down and may, if they wish, offer themselves for re-election.
  • The Committee shall have the right to co-opt a member to the committee as circumstances dictate. No co-opted member may serve on the committee two years in succession without having been formally elected at the AGM. Following the co-opting.
  • The Annual General Meeting will take place not less than 11 months and not more than 13 calendar months from the preceding AGM.
  • All Register income is to be used wholly and exclusively for the promotion of the aforesaid vehicles and the activities of the paid-up members and their registered vehicles.
  • No serving member of the Register’s committee shall, under any circumstances, be eligible for remuneration for their services from The Register’s funds.
  • Applications for membership to The Register will be submitted to the committee for approval prior to being formally accepted. The committee reserve the right to decline any membership application.
  • The committee reserves the right to withdraw membership in the event of a member consistently behaving in a fashion likely to bring The Register into disrepute. Before the final withdrawal of membership, the member concerned shall be advised in writing that, should the unacceptable behaviour continue, their membership will be forfeit.
  • Members taking part in any event organised by The Register, or to which The Register is invited, which entails the use of a motor vehicle in order to participate, shall enter only in a vehicle recognised by The Register or in a vehicle or marque stipulated in the regulations for an invitation to the event in question.
  • Any members wishing to bring a dog onto the stand may only do so if it is muzzled, with a basket style muzzle.
  • In the event of it being necessary to wind up The Register, any monies remaining, once all debts have been settled, will be donated to a UK charity to be decided upon at the time of winding up